Frequently Asked Questions

How to return order on BAM

Login to your BAM account

Login to your BAM account and go to ORDERS. Then click on the order of the item(s) you wish to return -Select the number of items you wish to return, the reason for the return and give us more details to help us identify the issue with the product.

Select your preferred refund method.

Select your preferred refund method of refund

Choose your ideal return process

Choose your ideal return process: Return the item yourself to one of our eligible drop-off stations or let us handle it by picking it up from you.
Check your information and submit your return request.

How to track your order on BAM

Login to your BAM profile

Login to your BAM profile and go to your order tracking page.

Enter your order number

Enter your order number and click 'Check Now' to know the status of your order. Check your order confirmation email if you do not know your order number.
If tracking information is not yet available for your order, please check again after a while.

How to shop on BAM

Search for Product

Type the product you want into the search bar or browse through the different categories on the left side of the homepage, or scroll through our weekly promotions at the top of our homepage to find the best deals.

Buy Now

On the product page click “BUY NOW” to add to cart. View cart to see items in your cart and to proceed to checkout

New / Existing Customer

If you are already a customer put in your e-mail address and password. If you are a new customer create an account in one click here.


At checkout, select your delivery address, delivery method and payment method. If you have a voucher code, type it in and “ADD VOUCHER”

Confirm Order

To finalize your order, click on “CONFIRM ORDER”. Your order will be delivered in 24 hours for depending on location

Who can apply on BAM?

Sellers of African products

Sellers of African products with registered businesses and quality products.
Local and International buyers of African products.

Do you have to pay to sell on BAM?


NO. Registration and listing of products on BAM is free of charge. You will only incur varying service charges when your products sell.

What is the service charge for products?

All products have different service charges

All products have different service charges. View the list of service charges here (link)

What is the estimated delivery charge?

Delivery charge depends on the number of items you ordered

Your delivery charge depends on the number of items you order and their sizes and your chosen delivery method. Please check our delivery charges and zones page here.
N.B: Ordering MORE ITEMS together will allow you to SAVE on shipping fees - You pay reduced fees for the 5th item onwards!

Who will deliver my items?

A courier service

We have a courier service that will deliver your item to you

Can I buy in bulk?


Yes! The more you buy, the less shipping fee you incur. As long as you order in bulk at once, your order will arrive together in the right packages

What if my product doesn't fit into any of the categories?

Contact Support Team

Contact the support team and a new category will be created for your product. We welcome all African products on our platform.
We’re Here to Help ! Contact us

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